Fokker F27 500 VH-EWP   402 Photos   Apr 27, 2011
Fokker F27 500 Friendship. LADS - Laser Airborne Depth Sounder. At various airports in South Australia. This is a collection of just about every image we could aquire as this is a record of an aircraft that has now been taken out of service and parted out. A shame given the excellent condition of the aircraft and the airframe hours left to go in its useful life.
Erickson Air-Crane   108 Photos   Apr 23, 2011
The Sa Country Fire Service (CFS) employs the use of an Erickson Air-Crane for the Bush Fire Season. Based at Brukunga in the Adelaide Hills, the Air Crane is on stand-by from late November/Early December one year until MArch/April the next.
HARS C47-B DC3   79 Photos   Apr 23, 2011
HARS DC3 / C47-B at Adelaide Airport November 2009. Photos by Photography Student, Kirstie H. as part of her studies at TAFESA.
Infrastructure   92 Photos   Jun 18, 2011
Airport Infratructue Gallery. Control Tower, Air Traffic Control, Weather, Fire Services, Equipment and Lighting.
Aldinga 2008   135 Photos   May 2, 2011
Aldinga Airfield 2008. Aircraft visiting and based at Aldinga.
Williamtown 2010   35 Photos   Apr 24, 2011
RAAF 70th Ann. 10 & 11 Squadrons   72 Photos   Apr 23, 2011
Royal Australian Air Force - RAAF 10 and 11 Squadrons celebrate their 70th Anniversary at Edinburgh Airbase, South Australia. 2 September 2009.
Barossa Air Show 2009   610 Photos   Apr 23, 2011
Barossa Air Show 2009. Photos by Neal B.
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