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Aviation Enthusiast Web Site Adelaide South Australia

5DME Adelaide Aviation & Flight Simulation is Adelaide's premier aviation web site. We monitor and observe real aviation. This site is not just a collection of thousands or even millions of photographs from everyone. It is dedicated to aviation in Adelaide, South Australia.

5DME Objectives

  • Promote aviation positively in South Australia.
  • Enlighten readers as to the benefits of the industry to the state.
  • Report on events and news of interest to aviation enthusiasts and the wider community.
  • Encourage interest in aviation.
  • Provide our coverage as a FREE community service.


Our immediate coverage is of Adelaide and near-by airports, such as Parafield, Aldinga. We do, where possible cover other airports in the state such as for airshows and special events. You will also find aviation news and information relating to aircraft and aviation services here on 5DME.


There are interviews, aviation stories, aeronautical terms, Scanner frequencies and a glossary. 5DME endeavours to cover all aspects of aviation, airports and related services in South Australia. We also support the local aviation community and aviation enthusiast groups, aero clubs and more.


Our team is constantly on the lookout for aviation news and images that are of interest to the aviation enthusiast community. 5DME has an extensive gallery of photos and video for your information and enjoyment.


5DME produce videos every week when possible. We have the latest information about aviation in South Australia. You can see the faces that are involved with aviation in our state.

Plane Spotting

Helpful tips and information you will need to know. What equipment, camera and lenses you will need to start your new hobby. Start Plane Spotting see Getting Started.

Our Interest

As our contributors have a personal interest in aviation we frequent various Adelaide airports from Parafield to Aldinga and beyond to collect photographs, videos and the latest news. We do not rely on public input for our collections. The information is displayed is collected by 5DME for our collection and displayed to the public for general interest.

Photo and Video Gallery

We are usually in the right place at the right time and get some of the best shots of aviation in Adelaide.

5DME Adelaide is all about aviation for enthusiasts. David, Rob, Patricia and Kirstie (Founders) are part of the 5DME Team (see site credits) behind this site. We hope to provide relevant material that will inform and amaze you. View things you would love to see about aviation! We try to arrange (where possible) collection of data and photographs in co-operation with companies and authorities. We like to get the content that the public do not generally have access to (unrestricted material) and provide it for your interest on this site. We try to get the best content for the web site and for your information and enjoyment.

5DME Objectives:

  • Provide a web site for aviation enthusiasts relevant to South Australia.
  • Display unrestricted technical information and photos of all aspects of aviation.
  • To collect quality photographs that are interesting to enthusiasts, not just publicity shots.
  • Photos to make you feel "You are there!"
  • Provide reference material and data.
  • Be sensitive to security concerns in regard to what is displayed.
  • To work in cooperation with companies, authorities and officials.
  • Above all, to promote aviation in South Australia positively.

5DME Adelaide is about:

All the best information about aircraft and aviation in Adelaide from Gawler and Edinburgh to Aldinga and Goolwa. Our crew members are out and about taking the latest photos and videos. We are dedicated to aviation in what would be considered the Adelaide Area. The video and images are all bought back to base and edited then uploaded to this web site for enthusiasts and public information and enjoyment.

Aviation Communications:

Rob and David (two of our founding members) are keen scanner listeners and our blog is updated with any aviation news that we come across. Just visit the blog to find out all the latest news about Adelaide avaition.

Airports we cover in the main are Adelaide, Parafield, Aldinga and a few others from time to time. E.G. Goolwa, Gawler, Edinburgh.

5DME do not generally ask for input from the public , we hope you just enjoy the site! However, if you do wish to contact us feel free. We'd love to talk to you.



5DME Adelaide is interested in the following:


  • Adelaide Airport
  • Aldinga Airfield
  • Parafield Airport
  • Edinburgh Airbase
  • Kingscote Airport
  • Goolwa Aerodrome
  • Aldinga Airfield
  • Murray Bridge Airfield
  • Rowland Flat Airstrip
  • Strathalbyn Airfield
  • RAAF Edinburgh Air Base
  • West Beach Airport
  • Interviews with Ground Crew
  • Fire Fighting facilites
  • Weather Stations and Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Freight
  • Maintenance
  • Airport News


Air Traffic Control

  • Adelaide ATIS
  • Adelaide Approach
  • Adelaide Clearance Delivery
  • Adelaide Tower
  • Adelaide Control
  • Melbourne Centre
  • Runways
    • Adelaide ILS
    • Adelaide VOR
  • Taxiways
  • NDB ( Non Directional Beacons)
  • Aviation Glossary
  • Aviation Terms
  • Avaition Frequencies
  • Aviation Interviews


Technical Information

  • Aircraft Specifications
  • Airport Information
  • Airport Weather Systems / Meteorology
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Airport Radar
  • Airport Emergency Services
  • Airport Maintenance
  • Communications Equipment
  • Flight Calibration of Navigation Aids & Equipment



  • Aspects of Air Traffic Control:
    • Control Tower
    • Approach Control
    • En-route Control
    • Aeradio/Flight Service
    • Radio Navigation Beacons & Radar
    • Airport Lighting & Visual Approach Guidance

Aircraft / Types

  • Cessna
  • Metro
  • SAAB
  • Fokker F27 and Fokker 50
  • Boeing, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777
  • Piper
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Lockheed P3C Orion
  • Dash 8
  • Pilatus
  • Sportstar
  • Cub
  • Super Decathlon



  • Adelaide & South Australia General Aviation
  • Aviation Memorabilia
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Aviation Photography
  • Aircraft Photography
  • Aviation Video Streaming
  • Airband Listening
  • Adelaide Aviation
  • Scanner Listening
  • Aircraft Flight Simulator
  • Adelaide Pilots
  • General Aviation
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Air Freight
  • Light Aircraft
  • Turbo Props
  • Jets (Gas Turbine)



  • Attitude Indicator / Artificial Horizon
  • Altitude Indicatior / Altimeter
  • Auto Pilot
  • Instrument Landing System ILS
  • Turn Indicator
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Radio Direction Indicator / Radio Compass
  • Air Speed Indicator
  • Aircraft Control Systems / Fly by Wire


  • Aviation South Australia
    • Photography
    • News
    • Information
  • Airports
    • Adelaide YPAD
    • Parafield YPPF
    • Aldinga YADG
    • Goolwa YGWA
    • Murray Bridge YMBD
    • Port Lincoln YPLC
  • Aviation Related Services
    • Airservices Australia
    • Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA
    • Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting ARFF
    • Meteorology BOM
    • Australian Federal Police AFP
  • General Aviation GA
    • Charter
    • Light Aircraft
    • Hangars and Aircraft Maintenance


  • Planespotting / Plane Spotting
  • Aircraft Photography
  • Aviation Video
  • Airport News Events
  • Aviation History
  • Interviews


5DME are interested in all aspects of aviation, not just aircraft. The planes are what it's all about but other services tend to be forgotten and there are enthusiasts which would like to know more about their favourite subject "Aviation"...

We will try to bring whatever information we gather to this site for your education and enjoyment.


This site is dedicated to aviation in Adelaide. .  

All information gathered, aircraft video and photos taken by 5dme unless otherwise indicated.


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